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Calea Serban Voda, Nr. 133,
Cladire A-B, Etaj 1,
Sector 4, Bucuresti - 040205

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Central Business Park is owned by Arta Grafica SA, located at 133 Calea Serban Voda, in the 4th District of Bucharest and consists in:

  • - land covering 12 753 sqm;
  • - three buildings A-B, C and D-E, with the footprint area of 4 236 sqm. lying on a rented land covering 13 561 sqm. in total, with 204 parking places.

The business center offers office spaces that are easy accessible, being located in the Sincai – Tineretului area, in the proximity of the Capital’s main interest spots.

Central Business Park offers to the companies the opportunity to rent central office spaces located in a complex provided with all facilities required by companies and the employees thereof. The finishing is worked with good materials: aluminum and PVC interior and exterior joinery, granite flooring, porcelain floor tiles, high quality ceramic plates in the toilet rooms, paneled ceiling, superior emulsion painting, opaque glazed doors for natural light in the hall areas, stainless steel handrails on the interior stair flights. All buildings have thermal insulation in expanded polystyrene on the outside. The floors are built of granite in the reception areas on the ground floor and in the hall areas, floor tiles on the stairs and in the toilet rooms, moquette in the offices. Each building has a passenger elevator. The buildings are equipped with anti-burglar and fire-fighting systems and video cameras. Heating is provided by two individual heating plants.

The main access gate is located in Calea Serban Voda, where two barriers are provided for control, while the entrance in Biserica Alexe street is a steel gate to be used by the providers of utilities.

The available land is arranged with blocking slabs for the parking places and the traffic areas and the rest of the land is green landscape with plants and shrubs.

There are traffic areas and 204 parking places arranged for the office tenants.

The property has a system of interior and exterior hydrants on each storey of the five buildings.